Make Money Taking Surveys

When online business owners talk about make money taking surveys, they, including myself tell you, you can not get rich taking paid surveys. I mean making 5 or 6 figures from paid surveys. But you can make a good 4 figure income from money surveys. If I show you how that is possible would you appreciate it? Well I hope you will because this is a proven way of cashing in real money from surveys for money

Anyone that can generate a 4 figure income from the internet is seen as an expert in his niche because making money online is not close to easy, except of course with paid surveys. That is, if you know the secret of maximizing your earnings, which this site has been revealing in its articles especially in the article How to maximize your paid surveys earnings.

The method of making money taking surveys that I want to discuss here can be used to make money from surveys even without actually taking surveys. Or you can take paid surveys and use this to increase the cash figure that appears in your check every month. I would advice that if surveys is available in your country, register to fill out surveys then add the method I am about to reveal to you to it. If it is not, then the method i am going to reveal of making money taking surveys is especially for you

Make money taking surveys – The secret of paid surveys wealth revealed!

Most make money taking surveys programs have affiliate/referral programs attached to it but very few people see the money making potential in these referral programs. The real money making opportunity in paid surveys is really in the multiple tier affiliate programs. Which allows you to leverage on the efforts of those you refer to the program. I am not discussing this opportunity simply for you to referral someone and earn $.50 immediately and that is it. I am discussing it for you to earn from your direct referrals, your indirect referrals two levels deep! That is where the real leveraging power comes from.

Why this gives everyone an opportunity to make money taking surveys no matter the country you live in, is because you do not even have to be a registered survey taker with the site to become its affiliate or to referral others to the paid survey network (except in some cases, in which case you sign up and only refer people to them). This has given hope to those who can not participate in filling surveys online because of their country of residence. You must have already known that paid online surveys is not available to all countries. Though there are some paid survey networks that are global but even at that you should not expect to get paid surveys to fill out like others from major countries like the US for example. USA paid surveys are very common and you can expect to get more than enough surveys to fill.

The money making potential in paid survey affiliate or referral programs is much more than what you can make filling surveys. And if you can combine it with filling out surveys, you can imagine how much you will be making every month.

The Three Best Paid Survey Affiliate programs

Let us look at some examples using my three top paid survey affiliate programs, which are CashCrate, SquishyCash and Maximum Paid Surveys affiliate programs and see just how much awaits you in paid surveys affiliate programs

CashCrate is a free paid online survey network and anybody can join no matter your country of residence. Cashcrate has a 2 tier referral program system. Which means you can make money from referring people and also make money from the people those people refer.

You earn 20% to 30% of what your referrals make and 10% to 20% of what their referrals make depending on the rank level you are. As you continue to refer people, cashcrate appreciates you by moving you from one rank to the other. You start with a 20% for direct referrals and 10% of your indirect referrals.

You’ll also receive a $3.00 bonus for each referral who earns their first $10.00.

Do you see the potential in this? Your referrals must be active with Cashcrate because there are lots of paid surveys to fill and you also will have lots of paid surveys to fill. So let us say you have just 10 active referrals and each has only referred 2 persons, by the end of your first month. They earn let’s say $50 each for that month for filling out paid surveys and referring. And their indirect earned $10 each. Remember 2 persons was referred each by 10 of your referrals which means you have 10 direct referrals and 20 indirect referrals.

At 20% for each referral it means at the end of your first month you will earn for direct referrals:

Direct Referrals: 0.2 x 50 = $10. $10 x 10 = $100
Indirect referrals 0.1 x $10 = $1. $1 x 20 = $20

Remember you earn a $3 bonus for the first $10 made by your direct referrals. So $3 x 10 (referrals) = $30

So in just one month of signing up you made $150 without personally filling any survey.

Are you seeing the potential in this? With just becoming an affiliate for just one paid survey network. And since you are a promoter, i see no reason why you should stop at one network. In fact join other paid survey networks like:


SquishyCash is also a free paid online survey network, more than a survey network actually, it is the best get paid to (GPT) site i know. It has several ways to earn ranging from Contest and promotions, to random cash promo code, monthly loyalty bonus, huge referral program (three tier deep), member support, quick payments, casino chips, squishy slots and there is a forum community and games. You earn $5 casino chips for signing up

Squishycash has a three tier referral program. It means you earn when you refer people, earn when people you refer, refer others and you also earn when the people on second generation refer others. So much money making opportunity here.
You make 25% of your direct referrals offer earnings, 5% of their referrals earnings, and 2% of their referrals referrals earnings. In addition, when your 1st level referrals complete their 1st offer, you’ll instantly get $1 added to your account balance!

The good thing about squishycash is that there is no issue of the people from major countries getting more surveys. I just checked my account with them now and there are lots of surveys available with the tag ‘Residence from all countries accepted’

So you can imagine how much you can be generating with this network alone.

The final affiliate network on my list of best paid survey affiliate networks is:

Maximum Paid Surveys Affiliate Program

With Maximum Paid Surveys you have two strong money making opportunity available to you.
Maximum paid surveys is a pay to join paid survey network. So you can make money referring survey takers to them which earn you a whooping $26.96 per member you refer. And you can refer fellow affiliates to them to also promote for them. You earn $1 for every new membership referred by your sub affiliates two levels below you!

While Maximum Paid Surveys site requires some money for you to personally take surveys on their network, i think it is worth it. Here is why.
They give you access to a huge resource of over 760 carefully selected paid surveys and mystery shopping companies. The site is very organized and customer support is great. You are given companies that need surveys according to the highest paid. The best part is they have introduction guides on practically all types of surveys they offer, so you know how to maximize your earnings on all.
Sign up to maximum paid surveys Here and start taking surveys

If you can not avoid to spend any money now or you are not interested in personally taking paid surveys then sign up to only the their affiliate program here. It is free to join the affiliate program

This article is really an eye opener wouldn’t you say? You see why i choose these three paid survey affiliate programs? They allow you to leverage on the efforts of others. If you depend on the works of your hands alone to get rich, it will take you several years. You have to be able to leverage on others efforts. So that you keep making money even when you do not work for some days or are out on vacation.

These are the best sites i can recommend for those who really desire to make money with surveys. In fact did i say you can not get rich with paid surveys? I think i should rephrase that. You may not get rich taking surveys but you definitely can be ranked among the middle class, if you run with this three sites i have brought to you. Imagine if you have 1000 active referrals with each of this three sites? Do you not see yourself making a five figure?

So now have i been able to convince you that you can make money taking surveys? Good!

Now that i have gotten you interested and you are ready to how do you get a lot of money on inboxdollars, how do you go about it? How do you effectively promote your affiliate links so that you get referrals to sign up to these sites? Well if i was from a TV station, this is when i will say tune in same time, same station tomorrow to get all the juice tips. But since this is just a blog, i would say, bookmark this site and check back for yet another amazing posts!

Update: Good you are reading this now, because there is a follow up to this article already that discusses how you can promote your referral links. Read it from the article make money from paid surveys promoting your referral links